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Newest items
Wilson Cove camp, WV (June 19-20, 2004)
Baker Pond, WV (June 5-6, 2004)
Cedar Creek/Little Sluice, VA (May 22-3, 2004)
Wilson Cove camp, WV (June 19-20)
Baker Pond, WV (June 5-6)
Cedar Creek/Little Sluice, VA (May 22-3)
Cape Charles, VA (Apr 3-4)
Duke Marine Lab, NC (Mar 13-17)
Laurel Creek, WV/VA (Jan 31-Feb 1)
Wolf Gap-Big Schloss, WV/VA (Jan 3-4)

Halfmoon Mountain, VA (Jan 11-12)
Little Devil's Stairs, VA (Jan 19)
Otter Creek, WV (Feb 15-16)
D.C. snowstorm (Feb 17-18)
Wolf Gap, VA (Feb 28-Mar 1)
Duke Marine Lab, NC (Mar 15-18) Wachapreague, VA (Mar 29-30)
San Diego, CA (April 11-19)
Paris, France (May 10-15)
Baker Pond, WV (May 24-25) Shenandoah River: (June 15) | (June 28)
Halfmoon Mtn 2, VA (Aug 2-3)
Seneca Crk, WV (Aug 29-Sep 1)
Ramsey's Draft, VA (Sep 13-14)
Big Meadows, VA (Oct 3-4)
St. Mary's Wilderness, VA (Nov 1-2)
Big Schloss VA (Jan 4-6)
Na Pali coast, Kauai, Hawai'i (Jan. 21-31)
Duke Marine Lab (Mar 16-19)
Flagpole Knob (May 3-5)
Baker Pond, WV (Aug ?)
Shenandoah River: (Aug 18) | (Aug 25)
Wild Oak Trail (Sept 28-29)
Big Meadows (Oct 4-5)
Kiptopeke/Cape Charles, VA (Oct 11-13)
Baker Pond, WV (Nov 2-3)

All Bahia voyages

Québec, Land Rover expedition (Feb 11-25)
Wild Oak Trail WV (Apr 28-29) Ishi Wilderness, Lassen Nat'l Forest, CA (May 11-12)
Dolly Sods WV (Dec 7-9)

where will we be this year?
Spruce Knob, WV (May 27-28)
Baker Pond, WV (Jun 3-4)
Big Schloss, VA (Jun 10-11)
Pine Barrens, NJ (Jun 17-18)
Ramsey's/WOT, VA (Jul 1-3)
Dolly Sods, VA (Jul 30-31)
Baker Pond, WV (Aug 12-13)
Yosemite, CA (Sept 23-24)
Big Schloss, VA (Nov 18-19)
St. Mary's Wilderness, VA (Dec 2-3)