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These dozen photographs were from the New Jersey Pine Barrens 4x4 trip on the weekend of June 17 and 18, 2000. The riders are
Doug Boehme in the red Defender 90, Frank Avent in the Disco with the limb risers and basket, and Mickey Panayiotakis in the other Disco. These thumbs and scanned images are larger than the other photos because I've decided to make them bigger now. While they take longer to open, they have considerably more detail and can be seen much better than the older, smaller ones.

There are a lot of trails set up there, mainly for smaller 4x4 vehicles and motorbikes, but the Rovers fit just fine. While there were plenty of "puddles" along the trails, it was rather dry, and we got covered in quite a bit of dust. With the heat and humidity, we all had a thin layer of salty mud on us. Initially, we were closer to Barnegat on private land near the Barrens, but later in the day and all day Sunday, we were quite near the town of Hammonton, the "Hub of South Jersey," in and around Wharton State Forest. Sorry, no, we did not see the Jersey Devil, but the whip-poor-wills were making noise all night by the Atsion camp site. For more photos of the Pine Barrens and 4x4ing, see this page (for what are very similar photos) and also Frank's own photos (site not working) (he has a digital camera) from the same trip I was on (I'm in a photo on there...) 6/23/2000 update: Mickey took his favorite photos (of his own truck, of course!) and put them on the Discoweb site, at this page.

Other than Mickey and myself, there were two other Rovers with us, a Defender driven by Doug Boehme of Blue Bell PA, and another Disco driven by Frank Avent of Alexandria, VA. The Defender left us Saturday evening, and the two other Land Rover drivers headed south to sit down, have a few beers, and check the data from the GPSs. Sunday we made some repairs on a half-done job on Mickey's suspension and headed back to the trails. The only damage wrought on the vehicles was pretty minor. Frank's had a short of some kind on the speaker wire that made an awful noise throughout the truck, so he unplugged the fuse for the speakers, rendering the radio/CD player and CB useless. Mickey's truck's CD player got stuck shut and the antenna broke off, so for a while there was nothing but Greek music on cassette! Eventually, the antenna was replaced and reception was fine. As of late Sunday night, the CD was still stuck. Not a bad trip, all in all!

All photos in this site, except where specified, © 2000 (earlier where specified) tjd, all rights reserved.Written permission must be granted for any use of my personal photographs, please! I am a struggling artist and need all the help I can get!


This is a rare photo of me hard at work. It was taken by Frank Avent with his digital camera, and so all credit should go to him (but I shrunk the image size with Photoshop for this page). To see all of Frank's photos from this trip, click on this link (removed - no longer operational).

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