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Barf drinking at King St. Blues   Barf hiking   Barf and tjd in the snow    Barf leaking [sorry, Barf doesn't want this one shown]
view of Big Schloss   another view of Big Schloss   tjd in mid-relax   tossing the whisky
tjd and Mickey lounging    campfire 1   campfire 2   campfire 3
snow depth: 5 inches    snow covered sign   snow scene   snow scene 2
Sugar Knob camp cabin   tjd hiking in the snow   trail before the snow   view from the ridgeline
another view from the ridgeline

Big Schloss, VA/WV
January 4-6, 2002

Our third trip to this area near Woodstock, VA was sunny one day and snowy the next.

(see also: All Big Schloss)

detailed map (left), simple map (right)
(left map courtesy Topozone)
all pix by Mickey